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We apply visual design and storytelling to shape new products, services, and sales channels. Our approach is grounded in design thinking, a collaborative process that helps in finding innovative solutions to complex problems, ensuring that your business drives innovation.

What we do:

Brand, Messaging, and Web Development

Our team assists in crafting a strong narrative for your business. We work on developing a compelling brand message and web presence that clearly communicates your unique value proposition to your customers.


1. Analyzing and Understanding: We kickstart our engagement with a comprehensive analysis, customizing our strategies to seamlessly align with the unique nuances of businesses across different sectors - from fledgling tech startups to established companies with deep-rooted traditions. Together, we will craft an identity that not only resonates with your target audience but truly embodies your brand's essence.

2. Logo and Visual Identity Development: At this stage, we concentrate on crafting a memorable logo and visual identity that distinctly positions your business in the competitive marketplace. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned designers, we create logo concepts that visually articulate your unique selling points, whether it's rooted in cutting-edge technology or grounded in reliable craftsmanship. This visual identity will serve as a beacon, instantly connecting your audience with the values and promises that your brand upholds.

3. Establishing Comprehensive Brand Guidelines: Moving forward, we focus on consolidating your brand's presence through the formulation of comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines will encompass everything from typography and color palettes to imagery and messaging tone, ensuring a cohesive and consistent brand representation across all platforms. By establishing a robust set of guidelines, we empower your team to tell your story effectively and authentically, fostering a strong connection with your audience and solidifying your position in the industry.


1. Defining Core Narratives: At the onset, we focus on distilling your brand's essence to forge a potent and cohesive narrative. Centered around the core principles and strengths of your business, this narrative will serve as the cornerstone of all communications, creating a deep and meaningful connection with your audience.

2. Content Development and Storytelling: Moving into the second phase, we emphasize crafting content that not only engages but also resonates with your target audience. Whether weaving stories around the latest industry advancements or showcasing significant milestones, we create content that is both insightful and connects seamlessly with your central narrative, enhancing the bond between your brand and its community.

3. Implementing Engaging Communication Strategies: In the final step, we focus on implementing strategies that amplify your narrative through various channels. Leveraging the strength of the core narrative, we create a dynamic and multi-faceted communication plan that consistently highlights your unique milestones and strengths, fostering a stronger and more engaged community around your brand.


1. Comprehensive Audience Analysis: Initially, we focus on understanding your unique audience's needs and preferences. Through detailed analysis, we tailor an online narrative that speaks directly to your target demographics, setting the stage for a website that resonates and engages effectively.

2. Adaptive Design and Immersive Visual Experience: Next, we delve into the design phase, where we craft a website that not only adapts to various devices but also immerses your visitors in a rich visual and interactive environment. We emphasize creating a cohesive digital space where your brand's distinct attributes are highlighted through a blend of adaptive design and dynamic, interactive elements, forming a compelling and engaging dialogue with your audience.

3. Engaging and Showcasing Your Unique Offerings: In the final stage, we bring your brand to the forefront with digital showcases that vividly illustrate the breadth and depth of your offerings. Leveraging striking visuals and interactive features, we construct a platform that not only showcases what makes your brand unique but also fosters an immersive and enriching experience for your visitors, encouraging them to explore and connect with your brand on a deeper level.

User Experience (UX)

We believe in creating products and services that are user-centric. Our expertise in UX design ensures that your customers have an engaging and satisfying interaction with your business, enhancing their loyalty and promoting positive word-of-mouth.

1. User-Centric Design Philosophy: We start with the end-user. This process involves understanding user requirements, motivations, and interaction paths. Activities include research, persona creation, journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and testing.

2. Transformative Visualization : Clear visualization is essential for complex data. We translate key information into visual stories. By analyzing your data, we identify key information, aiming for visual representations that are both clear and meaningful.

3. Streamlining AI Interactions : The goal is effective AI use. We create interfaces that make it straightforward for users to interact with AI. Emphasis is placed on simplicity and reducing cognitive load, making machine learning solutions easily navigable.

4. Industry-Specific Integration: Focused solutions need customization. We adjust interfaces and interactions based on your industry's specific requirements, ensuring they integrate well with your operational context.

5. Iterative Feedback & Refinement: After deploying, the work continues. We monitor and use feedback loops to adapt the UX, keeping it in line with user feedback and ongoing changes in your field.

6. Growth & Roadmap Development: The focus extends beyond the initial launch. We help design a product roadmap, anticipate future features, and set plans for growth. By keeping an eye on the market, we aim to keep your solution relevant and adaptable to future needs.

AI & Product Strategy

Leveraging the potential of AI, we help you stay ahead in the competitive market. Our strategies are aimed at harnessing the power of emerging technology to give your business a distinctive edge.

1. Data Assessment and Opportunity Identification: We start by thoroughly analyzing your existing business operations to pinpoint specific areas where AI can be effectively integrated to enhance your product strategy. This process involves a critical assessment of data and identifies opportunities where collaboration with AI experts can spur innovation and significant growth.

2. Blueprinting and Collaborative Planning: Next, we craft a dynamic blueprint that combines industry expertise with the insights of your in-house data science teams. This blueprint outlines a comprehensive strategy that addresses various aspects, including data integration, risk assessment, and contingency planning, thus preparing your business to adapt to changing market conditions adeptly.

3. Tailored Development and Validation: In this phase, we work hand-in-hand with your teams to develop tailored solutions that are in line with your product goals. Through collaboration with experts in various AI disciplines, such as reinforcement learning and large language model implementation, we ensure that the AI integrations undergo rigorous testing and validation, setting a reliable path for growth.

4. Integration and Continuous Monitoring: Here, we focus on seamlessly incorporating AI solutions into your existing systems, optimizing workflow to enhance efficiency without causing disruptions. This step involves continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of the integrated systems, ensuring they align well with your strategic objectives and facilitate a smooth transition.

5. Scalable Solutions and Agile Strategy: Lastly, we assist in scaling your AI initiatives, helping them adapt flexibly to evolving product strategies and market demands. Our approach emphasizes adaptability, allowing for the steady expansion and adjustment of your projects, ensuring that your business remains responsive to changing market trends and internal dynamics.

Strategic Foresight & Systems Thinking

Our approach is designed to prepare your business for a rapidly evolving landscape. Through strategic foresight, we cultivate your business's resilience and readiness to adapt and thrive in changing scenarios. By integrating people, processes, and technology, we enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Strategic Foresight for a Resilient Future

1. Problem Framing and Industry Analysis: We initiate our engagement by examining the broader context of your industry or focal area, considering potential large-scale change drivers that could disrupt the current paradigms. This stage might encompass studying related sectors or exploring varying geographies and timescales, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the elements that might influence your business's trajectory.

2. In-depth Current Understanding and Assumption Challenging: Before forging into the future, we scrutinize the present, questioning established notions that govern your industry's reality. Through a blend of background research and stakeholder interviews, we foster a coherent and accurate understanding, paving the way for innovative solutions that can redefine market norms.

3. Signal Scanning for Innovative Insights: Signal scanning is used to identify potential disruptions and innovations that could define the future. This process involves meticulous research, including literature reviews and expert interviews, to pinpoint "weak signals" or emerging patterns indicating significant shifts on the horizon. Our strategies are crafted to not only adapt to these changes but to seize them as avenues for innovative growth.

4. Comprehensive Systems Mapping and Analysis: Central to our approach is the practice of systems thinking and mapping, a tool that assists in crafting plausible future scenarios with a nuanced comprehension of industry dynamics. We employ a granular, bottom-up approach, integrating diverse viewpoints to understand and anticipate the intricacies of your sector, fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures innovation.

5. Identifying Change Drivers and Fostering Innovation: Through a robust analysis of weak signals and emerging trends, we pinpoint the potential drivers of change, evaluating their prospective impacts on your business landscape. This stage transcends mere analysis, offering strategies that can leverage these changes to instigate innovative developments within your business framework.

6. Scenario Development and Future Worlds Exploration: As we venture into potential future scenarios, our strategies are aligned to foster innovation at every step. We work with stakeholders to sketch diverse scenario sketches, evolving these into comprehensive future states that are rich with opportunities for innovative growth and transformation.

7. Spotlight on Opportunities and Challenges through Innovation: Our services culminate in an immersive exploration of the identified scenarios, using storytelling and visualization to foster a deep understanding of forthcoming challenges and opportunities. This final stage is geared to not only foresee challenges but to transform them into springboards for innovation, enabling your business to spearhead market trends and create new value.

Our mission is to leverage strategic foresight as a potent tool for innovation. Let’s collaborate to create a future where your business is not just a participant but a frontrunner in industry innovation.

Systems Thinking - People, Process, Technology

1. System Structure and Dynamics Analysis: To begin, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your project's current dynamics and structures. By adopting a systems thinking approach, we are able to craft a detailed map that outlines the various components and their interconnections within the system. This foundational step aids in identifying underlying patterns and potential bottlenecks, setting the stage for data-driven problem-solving and improvements.

2. User Behavior and Requirements Analysis: As we progress, our focus transitions to understanding the individuals who interact with the system. This involves studying their behaviors and needs to design solutions that are aligned with user expectations, thereby reducing errors and facilitating optimal performance. This phase ensures that the system meets the requirements of those who use it, promoting a streamlined and efficient workflow.

3. Integrating People, Process, and Technology: Using the insights garnered from the initial stages, we then create a cohesive strategy that thoughtfully integrates people, processes, and technology. Here, the objective is to devise innovative yet sustainable solutions that bolster efficiency and minimize waste, leading to a more sustainable and successful operational framework across various sectors.

4. Customized Solution Development: With a solid strategy in place, we focus on devising solutions tailored to address the specific needs identified earlier. This step encompasses root cause analysis to pinpoint and address the core issues, fostering improvements and innovations that are adaptable across different contexts and sectors.

5. Continuous Collaboration and Adjustment: In the final phase, we emphasize forming a collaborative relationship with our clients. By establishing ongoing communication and adapting based on feedback, we ensure that the developed solutions align well with your goals and vision, steering towards a future marked by enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Design Lead - Petri Tanninen

Petri excels at merging business and technology. With AI patents and a passion for human-centric design, he's committed to helping you design a better future.

"Petri is a forward-thinking UI expert - an asset to interdisciplinary teams."
- Patrick Bourke, Microsoft Research

"Petri's expertise made our product user-friendly. His branding work created a strong, identifiable look for our company."
- Paul Cowles, Former Vice President, Development and Operations

“Interactive visualization guided decision-making and drove conversations with senior executive stakeholders. It seamlessly blended the overall plan with detailed technical drill-downs when needed.”
- Brent Wolfram, Former Director of Global Enterprise Architecture, Lafarge

"Petri is a 'go-to' expert for diverse creative tasks, spanning from print to interactive to 3D designs. His commitment to excellence is evident, consistently delivering top-quality work even under tight deadlines. This dedication is invaluable, especially during critical times like client deliverables and business development initiatives."
- Brad Friesen, Managing Partner, Starshot

“Petri is one of the most talented and competent digital artists I have ever met. He displays the rare talent of a creative sensibility and technical wizardry. Few people have the intuitive grasp of software that Petri enjoys.”
- Larry Rossignol, Rossignol & Associates Design

“Collaboration led to improved project communication. The inclusion of interactive visualization in our online findings clarified complex processes for our readers.”
- Greg Van Alstyne, Director of sLab

"Under intense time pressures and often incomplete briefs, Petri consistently delivers polished results. His visual communication skills ensure a high-quality finished product."
- Douglas Gregory, Game Designer at Ubisoft Toronto

"Petri consistently delivered comprehensive designs in both website and interactive visualizations for industrial and mechanical concepts."
- Bruno Gilbert, Industrial / Product Designer at Reliably Creative

Technology & Startups

We have helped to grow technology companies into new markets and transform emerging technologies into enjoyable human experiences.

Rebranding Big Data for the US Market with Altibase

Brief: We reshaped real-time database provider Altibase's brand for the US market, aligning their identity with core tenets of speed and stability, and thereby enhancing their US market position. This collaboration exemplifies Industriant's adeptness at crafting powerful brand narratives from corporate values.

“Industriant didn't just give Altibase a new look. They grounded our brand in our core values, making our US entry not just seamless but impactful.”
- Chris Chung, President & CEO, Americas


Altibase sought a brand transformation for the US market that would truly resonate. The challenge was crafting an identity in line with their core principles of speed and stability to captivate their target audience.


Industriant's deep dive into Altibase's business essence paved the way for an authentic and compelling brand narrative. We encapsulated Altibase's values of speed and stability in a new visual identity, forming a potent foundation for their US market positioning.


The result? A dramatically enhanced market position for Altibase in the US. By fusing their corporate values with our brand narrative expertise, Altibase's resonance in the market amplified. This project showcases Industriant's brand transformation finesse for fresh market horizons.

Innovating Architectural Visualization with AR:

We worked with a pioneer of augmented visualization to develop concepts for an AR interface that turns 2D blueprints into interactive 3D environments. This innovation has the potential to reshape workflows in construction and various other industries. By partnering with AR pioneers, Industriant leads the way in creating immersive experiences that enhance design and decision-making processes.


The construction industry has long relied on 2D blueprints for architectural visualization. However, these blueprints are often difficult to comprehend, limiting their effectiveness. An innovative solution was needed to revolutionize architectural visualization and streamline workflows in construction.


Industriant took on this challenge by developing an AR interface that could turn 2D blueprints into interactive 3D environments. By leveraging cutting-edge AR technologies, we were able to create an immersive experience that enabled users to engage with architectural designs in real-time.


Our AR solution transformed architectural visualization, making it more accessible, interactive, and understandable. By turning static 2D blueprints into dynamic 3D environments, we enhanced design and decision-making processes in construction. This case study attests to Industriant's leadership in creating immersive experiences that revolutionize industry workflows.

Financial Services & Banking

We have designed financial systems for several Top 10 financial firms and helped retail banks better align to their customers.

Top 10 Global Investment Bank

Project: Wealth Management Machine Learning Analytics Digital Data Platform

Overview: Collaborated with a premier global investment bank to design a cutting-edge AI/Machine Learning platform for Private Banking and Wealth Management. Features include data aggregation, unsupervised clustering for trend spotting, and an Analytics Lab.

Top Sovereign Wealth Fund

Project: AI Portfolio Rebalancing Trade Flow Scheduler

Overview: Designed an AI solution to enhance trade volume scheduling, cut costs, boost portfolio rebalancing efficiency, and offer risk and opportunity insights.

Manufacturing & Logistics

We have streamlined sales channels and reduced production waste through careful analysis and innovation.

Computer Vision UX for Transportation

Project: Deep-Learning Model Management for Transportation

Overview: Designed UX for a deep-learning model platform centering on image recognition. Features encompass stress-testing, model introspection, and recommendations for enhanced robustness. Ideal for tasks like object detection, classification, and tracking.

General Electric Wind Turbine Interactive Visualization

Project: Modeling Wind Energy with General Electric Turbines

Overview: This interactive gestural modeling and visualization system, developed specifically for General Electric, is designed to simulate the process of wind farm planning and optimization. Users can intuitively position wind turbines within a landscape setting, enabling them to find the most advantageous locations that maximize wind capture and energy output.

Improving Industrial Manufacturing with AI

Brief: In collaboration with a major European steel foundry, Industriant tackled casting process errors with a bespoke AI strategy. Our deep learning solution is designed to minimize wastage, demonstrating the value of tailor-made AI interventions for intricate industrial challenges.


A prominent European steel foundry grappled with recurring casting errors, resulting in wastage and compromised productivity. A sophisticated solution was essential to optimize this intricate process.


Industriant's alliance with the steel foundry centered on AI. We innovated with a deep learning system, attuned to the casting process's unique challenges, capable of anticipating and rectifying potential errors.


Our patented deep learning method significantly optimizes the casting process. The solution reduces wastage and increases productivity, leading to marked improvements in operational efficiency. This case study demonstrates Industriant's strength in delivering customized AI solutions that solve complex industrial challenges and enhance operational efficiency.

Heavy Industries & Space

We have worked with some of the largest resource companies to improve sustainability through energy efficiency.

Innovating Mining Sustainability with Deloitte

Brief: We partnered with Deloitte to drive innovation conversations among mining executives. By emphasizing strategic foresight, systems design, and AI, we envisioned a sustainable, efficient, and safe future for the mining industry. This initiative highlights Industriant's role in steering industry-wide transformation conversations.

"Rising energy costs in mining, from diesel to transmission lines and fuel transportation, are becoming prohibitive. Renewable energy alternatives are key to controlling these runaway costs."

-Adriaan Davidse, leader in mining innovation, Deloitte Canada


Deloitte, known for its global leadership in professional services, aimed to initiate transformative discussions in the mining sector, focusing on innovation and sustainable practices.


Industriant and Deloitte crafted a vision for the mining industry's future.

Leveraging strategic foresight, we identified emerging trends and disruptions. Systems design and AI were integral, offering a blueprint for integrating advanced tech into mining conversations for better safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


Our collaboration with Deloitte set a new standard for mining innovation conversations. The strategic discussions are shaping industry thinking, indicating a promising future for mining operations and positioning both Deloitte and Industriant as thought leaders in this transformation journey.

Future-Proofing Infrastructure with Lafarge:

Working with Lafarge, a global leader in building materials, we devised a multi-continent technology infrastructure plan using technology foresight, executive workshops, and interactive visualization. We clarified complex technical, environmental, and political factors, promoting effective decision-making.


Lafarge, a global leader in building materials, was seeking a comprehensive technology infrastructure plan across multiple continents. The plan had to take into account complex technical, environmental, and political factors, posing a considerable challenge. Lafarge needed an effective solution that not only addressed these complexities but also enabled informed decision-making.


Industriant stepped in to craft a future-proof technology infrastructure plan. Using technology foresight, we anticipated future trends and disruptions, shaping a resilient and forward-looking strategy. We conducted executive workshops, creating a collaborative environment to tap into the expertise of key stakeholders.

To manage the complexity of the task, we used interactive visualization techniques. By transforming intricate data and information into understandable visual formats, we enabled Lafarge's executives to grasp the complexities of the plan easily.


Our approach resulted in a well-rounded, multi-continent technology infrastructure plan. It addressed Lafarge's unique challenges, taking into account complex technical, environmental, and political factors. The plan facilitated effective decision-making and future-proofed Lafarge's operations. This case study highlights Industriant's capabilities in leveraging technology foresight, interactive visualization, and executive workshops to build robust strategies for global leaders.

“Interactive visualization was effective at both guiding the decision-making process, and driving the conversation with senior executive stakeholders”, said Brent Wolfram, Director of Global Enterprise Architecture, “It was helpful to be able to show the overall plan, yet be able to drill into specific technical details when needed.”

AI for Asteroid Mining Concept

Project: Model Training and Management for Asteroid Mining

Overview: This proof-of-concept computer vision model data annotation, training, and deployment system envisions and end-to-end platform for identifying and labelling asteroid images, incorporating spectral analysis, and sensor fusion to incorporate both lidar and vision data streams.

Launching with Industriant

Insight and Empathy: We partner with your team to pinpoint your business's unique challenges and opportunities, using market analysis and customer feedback to lay a strong strategic foundation.

Definition and Alignment: We streamline the identification of key issues, fostering a unified strategy that highlights potential gaps and opportunities through visual systems approaches.

Innovation and Ideation: Together, we host collaborative workshops to generate innovative business concepts, ready for further development and refinement.

Prototyping and Visualization: We rapidly transform concepts into tangible prototypes with advanced visualization techniques, crafting engaging representations that resonate.

Testing and Validation: Using an iterative process, we fine-tune prototypes based on real-world scenarios, identifying and addressing potential issues at each stage.

Implementation and Integration: We facilitate seamless implementation, providing your team with the tools and guidance needed for effective solution integration.

Tailored Packages for Every Business Phase

Foundational Package

Price:$15,000 - $20,000


Basic branding: development of primary visual identity elements.

Website design: crafting a functional, visually pleasing website with up to 5 pages.

Introductory UX consultation: initial guidance to align your platform with user expectations.

Ideal for: Startups and small businesses seeking to establish a solid foundational presence in the online space.

Scaling Package

Price:$25,000 - $30,000


Advanced website functionality: incorporating dynamic features to enhance user engagement.

Detailed UX/UI design: focused on one platform, tailored to facilitate user satisfaction and loyalty.

Expansive brand style guide: establishing guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.

Intro to AI & Product Strategy: initial consultation to explore potential AI integrations and product enhancements.

Ideal for: Growing businesses ready to elevate their digital presence and begin exploring innovative technological integrations.

Enterprise Excellence Package

Price: $45,000 - $50,000


Comprehensive UX/UI designs: creating a cohesive, engaging user experience across multiple platforms.

In-depth brand strategy consultation: strategizing to strengthen brand positioning and messaging in the market.

Strategic Foresight & Systems Thinking: implementing foresight strategies and applying systems thinking principles to anticipate market shifts and optimize business processes.

Post-launch support: dedicated assistance to ensure seamless integration and ongoing optimization.

Ideal for: Established enterprises aiming for significant market impact and prepared to innovate and lead in their industry sector.

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